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Hishtil Quality

Hishtil is certified by international quality and profession standards. All Hishtil plants are selected from top grade stock and grafted with expert precision. Our know-how in matching the most compatible varieties consistently results in reliably performing plants

A stronger start

Thanks to the superb growing conditions in our Israeli production facility, Hishtil’s plants get off to the very best start in life. Mild winters mean our plants get plenty of sunshine during their crucial early development stages, so they are super-charged with energy that gets them off to a faster, stronger start when they reach your nursery.

Healthy, disease-free plants

Healthy, disease-free plants are our foremost priority at Hishtil. All of our production sites operate with stringent disease prevention procedures. Nurseries are isolated from growing areas and constantly monitored for bacteria, viruses diseases and pests.

Environmentally friendly

Hishtil is dedicated to reducing the number and volume of chemicals used in production. Our plants have minimal chemical residues and we have achieved 50% reduction in soil pollution compared to standard facilities.

Trade professionals

Growers & Retailers

Top quality plants for UK production and sales are available from Botanics International. Read more....

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