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How to Grow Your Own Aubergines

How to Grow Your Own Aubergines

In warm, frost free areas of the south you can grow aubergines (also known as eggplants) outside by putting the plant straight into the ground and keeping the area moist. For cooler areas keep the plant in a greenhouse and transplant outside when summer arrives. Finding an area where the plant is protected from wind gains you a few days of extra warmth and that can make a few days difference in your harvest date as well. Growing in a container allows you to bring the plant back into the greenhouse if the weather changes. If you are growing indoors you need to hand pollinate the flowers so that the fruit can set. 

Insects and Diseases

Like tomatoes, aubergines suffer from blights if they get too wet and aphids – use a hose to dislodge aphids if you find them. Water at soil level without getting the leaves wet, and keep the soil evenly moist rather than wet, to avoid common blights. Staking vines also stops the fruit and leaves getting onto the soil where they can pick up and infect the whole plant with virus problems. Look for virus resistant varieties if you are in a humid or rainy location. 

Harvesting Aubergines

Aubergines are ripe when the glossy fruit springs back rather than feeling soft. Snip mature fruit with a pair of scissors as they do not snap off as easily as tomatoes.

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