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How to Grow Your Own Capsicums

How to Grow Your Own Capsicums

Like tomatoes, peppers enjoy the warm days and mild nights of summer. Plants can be grown outside in the southern counties, but from the middle of the country and further north, a greenhouse or conservatory gives a more consistent climate for plants. Many peppers, particularly chilli peppers, can also be successfully grown in containers which allows them to be grown on balconies as well as in the ground.

The flowers set when temperatures reach 25⁰C. Hand pollination is necessary for fruit to set if the plants are in a greenhouse. Flowers will cease if the temperature drops below 20⁰C or exceeds 32⁰C 

Insects and diseases

Peppers typically have far less problems than tomatoes. Aphids and fungus problems from wet weather or poorly drained soil are the most common problems. Tobacco wilt is a virus that can infect peppers, so do not handle cigarettes or smoke while handling the peppers. Look for virus free plants to avoid many of the most common viruses

Harvesting Peppers 

Bell peppers and chilli peppers both snap off easily when they are ripe. Red and yellow bell peppers go through a green stage before maturing to the final colour, so wait for this to happen before harvesting these. Chilli peppers also go through a green immature development before turning to their final red stage

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