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How to Grow Your Own Melons

How to Grow Your Own Melons

Purchase a young plant and transplant to a large container or sheltered garden space when the weather warms up. Melons thrive in hot days so do not let the temperature in the greenhouse drop overnight. The flowers that are produced are either male or female and pollination is required. Inside, pollination needs to be done by the gardener (using a brush or ventilator) and outside nature may take care of it for you. For ground grown melon, additional heat from a dark ground cover will help boost the soil temperatures and cloches will help get the plants off to a good start. For optimal fruit production let a few melons start then restrict the growing vines.  This allows the energy to be placed in melon development rather than rapid vine growth. 

Insects and Disease

Melons, like many other summer vine crops, do attract some disease problems. Mildew on the large leaves is common and borers can eat away at vine as well as the growing fruit. Check under the leaves regularly to forestall any insect problems. Melons can also suffer from aphids which are easily controlled with a spray of water from a hosepipe

To Harvest Melons

Melons do not snap off the vine in the same way that peppers and tomatoes do. When ripe the melon will yield slightly at the base end. Cut the fruit from the vine with scissors so that you do not rip the vine which could introduce disease to the vine and damage other developing fruit 

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