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How to Grow Your Own Tomatoes

How to Grow Your Own Tomatoes

Tomatoes need to be started indoors so that the plants have time to produce fruit. Tomatoes like warm weather and thrive when the temperatures are in the high 20’s and the lows in the upper teens. These conditions can easily be met with a greenhouse, but tomatoes can successfully be grown in containers where you can protect them from cold spells. From the middle of the country south, you will be able to transfer the plants to the ground in summer and have a successful harvest.

Tomatoes do need some extra fertilizer to keep up production and feeding with a potassium rich fertilizer is recommended. Watering is also crucial and needs to be consistent. Do not let the plants get over dry particularly when they are setting and developing fruit.

Insects and Diseases

Tomatoes can suffer from blights which are brought on by cool damp weather. They also have a range of wilts that can affect them and rotating where you grow you tomatoes is important to reduce the chance of soil borne wilts becoming active. Look for resistant varieties, or try one of the grafted varieties if you have problems with wilting. Grafted tomatoes use a virus free root stock grafted onto the individual tomato variety and is used by professionals to increase yield as well as protect against virus problems. Using grafted tomatoes increases the choices available to those growing in compromised situations such as no room for rotation or soil borne diseases.

To harvest Tomatoes

With so many colours it is sometimes confusing to know when the fruit is ready. A gentle squeeze of the fruit will give some indication and if they give just a little they are ripe. Twist the tomato from the vine. If it does not come free easily then it needs another day or two to ripen.

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