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Why grow your own vegetables?

Your pleasure, your health, your world, your choice

In a world where mass-market streamlining is fast reducing individual choice, it’s good to know there are some things you can still take charge of yourself. Growing your own vegetables puts you in control of the food you eat. Its freshness, its localness and its chemical residues. Even its taste. Because growing your own gives you the freedom to choose what you grow and how you grow it.

No garden? No problem!

If you’ve got just 1m² of outdoor space, you’ve got enough room to grow your own vegetables. Plant them in containers on your balcony, and complement with herbs from your windowsill!

Live healthier

The fresher the produce, the more vitamins and nutrients you get from eating it. So to get the very best health benefits from your vegetables, you want to eat them when they’re super-fresh. And you can’t get fresher than just-picked off your own plant!

As you’ll immediately discover, fresh vegetables beat older ones hands down for taste and texture. It’s as if your taste-buds instinctively know what’s best for your body. And when your vegetables taste this good, you’ll be less likely to want to smother them in unhealthy sauces. You’ll also want to eat more of them, in place of fattening snacks, so home grown vegetables are great news for your waistline too!

Pottering about in the garden also provides healthy exercise (another waistline winner) while you breathe healthy fresh air – air that your own vegetable plants are helping to improve the quality of!

Growing your own vegetables means knowing how far they’ve travelled to your table. All those saved food miles go a long way to being kinder to the world’s environment by reducing pollution.

Growing your own also means you can choose whether or not to use chemical fertilisers and pesticides. So you know exactly what you’re eating. And what you’re not eating. How many shop-bought vegetables give you that choice?

The Grafted Vegetable Bonus

Any vegetables you grow yourself offer all the benefits described above. But did you know you also have a choice when it comes to the quality of the plants you grow?

You can grow vegetables from seed or buy potted plants that are already growing. The potted plants may have been grown directly from seed, or they may be what is known as “grafted”.

Grafted vegetable plants are actually two plants joined together. They can be identified by a knobbly bit on the main stem just above the soil, where the top part of the plant is grafted onto the root taken from another plant. This improves the natural health of the plant, because the top part is selected for taste, while the root system is selected for strength. It might sound a little strange, but it works, and plant grafting has actually been practiced for over 5000 years!

Whatever your level of gardening experience, grafted vegetables ensure your best success rates.

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